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Cloud Based aaS (as a Service) - Part 2

A couple of days ago, I wrote briefly on Software as a Service (SaaS) which is the first level of aaS using the Cloud layered model. The next level to discuss is Platform as a Service or PaaS which is the layer that lies between the SaaS and the IaaS layers.

PaaS is a somewhat emerging concept that is gaining traction for several reasons. PaaS is based on the premise that you want or need a development and deployment platform in the cloud and are willing to essentially outsource the platform to a cloud computing provider because you want to ultimately deploy the application you are developing in the cloud. PaaS moves the development and deployment platform "into the cloud". For a good examples of a PaaS, check out Bungee or Google App Engine

Some situations where PaaS is a good choice would be:

  • You want to deploy an application into the cloud but aren't interested in dealing with a virtualized infrastructure
  • You want to try out an application to test adoption or interest but don't have the budget to invest in the necessary infrastructure
  • You would otherwise build  departmental level applications that would traditionally be served from an unmanaged server hiding under someone's desk
  • You're a startup whose offering will be a web based application

Using PaaS in your (or someone else’s) cloud could be more cost effective and reliable to a small or midsize business than purchasing multiple platforms that you may not have the resources to access. This could lead to expansion quicker than waiting for your bank account to get big enough.

Next time I will be talking about the Third layer in the Cloud call the IaaS or the Infrastructure as a Service. Stay tuned..